Question to Ponder~Heaven

I have learned and seen in the Bible that…” in Christ = saved…..” what does  it mean to be in Christ & what about the opposite…..what does it mean to be out of Christ….. I do recall reading Bible verses about being in Christ…..I do not recall verse that specifically say “out of Christ” ……another interesting thing…..I have been taught that not only does Christ’s salvation go forward to present day but that it also stretches back to those who were saved prior to Jesus dying on the cross…..if that is true how does the answer to this question apply to those that were ” in Christ ” prior to Jesus’s death……

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One Response to Question to Ponder~Heaven

  1. A friend sent me this response :

    Maybe the answer is found in that Christ was crucified before the foundations of the world before time began.
    1cor 2:7-10. Rev13:8. 1pet 1:18-20 but then the next ? That comes up if Christ died from the foundations of the world for the world then who is it that is not in Christ. Is being in Christ more of an awareness and belief in what god has already done that we are separated from that life because of ignorance? Must we awake sleeper and rise from the dead and let Christ shine on u having a conscious awareness of his presence and his finished work? Good ? S.


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