Question to Ponder : The sting of Death

God is so good  friends……to me God is as a parent ( although I know that God is so much more than that….in relationship and how God chooses to reveal to me is that of a child relating to a parent…) and as God has set my feet on this wonderful journey I often find God proding me along with questions…… as a fellow seeker shared with me he finds God to be a question & answer giver….tonight God has brought me yet to another great mystery….and God has given me a question and has purposely with held the answer for our benefit……for our and God’s good pleasure……

The sting of Death…..Is the sting of death only lost to those who have past through it……. God brought this question to me moments ago……God has been calling me to stillness…to be quite and listen….but I have had a restlessness and have been avoiding the call (  this is God’s perfect will, even my restlessness and avoiding, moments ago was God’s perfect time for that call to be answered….)  when all the noise of this world was turned off God had me approach with what was on my heart……the suicide of my daughters friend… a 15 year old boy… I sensed where God was bringing me I withdrew…..and God asked me…” why are you shying away from this….” it’s because these are questions I do not want to ask…..and why not….because I do not want my theology on death questioned…..I have a belief system in place that helps me coupe with the sting of death……really….said God… tomorrow if your wife three daughters, and son are to have that moment were death sting no longer touches them will you then be able to coupe…….at that moment God took me to the grief of death and I  grieved for the parents and family of this 15 year old boy…..after shedding tears for this families loss God took me once again to death….to the death of  a 25 year old father who had a young daughter and wife. This young man  was killed crossing a street….. I felt the loss and grief of a young widow wife and a Fatherless orphan girl……I shed a few tears…..then God comforted me…..and God said to me…” you do not need to hide from this…..for surely you will face this many times before you leave your earth suite… not fear or look away……”
He gave me no answers…..only comfort…..and the question :
Is the sting of death only lost to those who have past through it.
Shalom my beloved…..deeply in your debt……
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