Swords & Rocks…..Idolatry of the Bible…..

Hello Beloved…..I am reading a book called From Stone to Living Word by Debbie Blue…….HIGHLY RECOMMEND…….I am going to share some quotes from this book…

“Living in relationship to a God we can’t control can be the most gorgeous and transforming thing ever possible, but it can be uncomfortable, a little like being undone, like having everything you used to rely on taken out from under you, ” being suspended”,”  depending on an Other, being reborn. Idols appear to make the divine accessible. The Bible seems to slip so easily into that role. God isn’t in a book……the Bible is a witness to the other…”
” I learned about the rock and the stone through the Christian Culture I was raised in. The Bible was something we used in duels, or to plant our feet on. Fundamentalists seem prone to pelting people with non-negotiable hard little rocks. Verses are quoted like stones, hurled at people living the difficulties of life………It’s as if the truth of scripture is some static and fixed thing you can pull out or seize on, something settled that tells you how to behave, more than some sort of dense and lively, strange and astounding witness to our relationship with God, a very different sort of truth.”
” To treat scripture as if it somehow contains the truth of God rather than something that witnesses to what is ever outside of it’s own conceptual horizons, and then bowing down before it or giving your life to it or believing in it, is to make it a idol. It may be understandable, but it is dangerous. Swords and rocks slash and bruise and kill. Making the Bible an idol get people trying to conform their lives to words, measuring themselves against “it”, and gets people measuring other people’s lives according to “it” too……..It’s dangerous when people believe they have accesses to the divine, to absolute answers, merely by opening the cover of a book. Instead of somehow inducting us into relationship with the living God, the Bible as an idol helps to uphold our ideologies, what we already know and think and believe ( and provides justification for slashing and smashing what opposes that)……..believing that the Word of God is something one can actually hold in their hand or wield at will is idolatry. It is different from Faith that the Word of God is the living address of the living God. To have faith in the living address of the living God, admittedly, seems weirder than simply adhering to what we find edifying in scripture. Believing in scripture because of it’s beauty and wisdom, or because it gives us a path to righteousness, seems less absurd than believing it’s scripture because it witnesses to the radically alive, loving Other. Yet part of the outrageousness of Christianity is it’s claim that the words lying static on the page may somehow, oddly, live.”
Shalom my friends….live life with the one who is alive…seek your living God….you will find….you will surely find….for God is not hiding from you…God is crazy about you…….
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