Question to Ponder : What is the Good News

The accounts of Yeshua (Jesus) are refereed to as the Gospels ( the good news)…..the question God has me pondering is…” what is the good news?” ……. God has given me insight and challenged my systems of belief as to what is the “good news” that Yeshua (Jesus) was preaching…..I was going to share that revelation, but God said to me….” what I revealed to you over this question is for you, I don’t want you to share because I want to answer those reading this directly…” so ponder that question….. seek God over this question with a clean heart……example of a clean or child like heart would be how God has me approaching the bible lately……with eyes of a child……not know what the living word is saying prior to it actually speaking to me…..not leaning on my own understanding……Shalom Brothers and Sisters……

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