Who are you?

Good day friends…I had a rally neat moment with my daughter Hailie…..God ued this moment to teach me a wonderful truth.

Me and Hailie went for a bike ride last Sunday. We were talking about my son/her brother. She had mentioned thar Caleb has low self esteem….that others view him a certian way….and he also sees himself this way. Hailie said ” I don’t see him like that…..when I see my brother I see someone I love and is fun to hang out with…..after we hang out for a litte bit he starts to see himself how I see him….”
Then God said to me….it is the same with you….often times you see yoursel as a 42 year old male trying to support your family…..struggling with the issues of life…..but I see you as my son…..I see you as more valuable than anything else I created……I see all that is created in harmony with you………then God said to me……so much of my creation see themselves less or other than what they are…..they are all sons & daughters of the living God….this was all created for them….take my view….believe my appraisel of you…see yourself in my light…….Shalom
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