God’s Answers

Yesterday had a painful experience…….and I was pretty much blindsided by what took place……last night I was crying out to God about what I was experiencing…… I was asking God the why’s and what’s of my experience……as I was asking God the questions my mind would attempt to find a answer……and God was like…” if you continue to answer the questions you are asking me then you won’t hear the answers I have for you…..” so what I ended up having to do is ask God what was on my heart and accept no answer until God brought one forth…….this morning a answer came forth ( and there will be more to come I am sure…) this morning I was chilling with God and reflecting on the events of yesterday…..I was like…” God, I thought you had my back…..”  and God was like….” I do, that is why things unfolded like they did….I was actually protecting you from false security and a fake peace……” then he showed me specifically how it applied to the circumstances that have been tormenting me……Shalom my friends….Have a great day!

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