Just Believe……

Good Morning Brothers & Sisters……I feel lead to share with you the beautiful reality of Salvation…..crazy how the knowledge of good & evil has distorted this word……

This morning I was giving this as I asked God why I am so blessed…….God response….” You simply believe…..your child like belief has set you free from the knowledge of good & evil…..in other words your simple believe has produced salvation……then God showed me the how….
I frequently see myself speaking to audiences…..and the messages are about  setting them free from religion and from the world……I have been experiencing these visions for the past 2 year….since my friend Josh Owens left  his earth suite…….this morning God showed me something profound…..so thankful for that gift…..he showed me how she would give me these visions, then after I received the messages I would separate from God in my mind and try to figure out how to bring these visions to pass…….this morning God was like….” You have suffered under many burdens because of your lack of belief….” side note, try not to attach value to the word suffering…..I needed to suffer through this in order to have the truth revealed…..in other words the suffering is not a curse…..hard to put into words but kinda like the statement that the darkest of dark is like light to you ( that is God) same concept…suffering is as whatever the opposite of suffering is……Shalom Mother Fuckers……I.E. walk in the peace that passes all understanding……
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