Stress Less

Letting go is hard…….at least it was and is for me…..trying to hold everything together is exhausting……here is what I have experienced in letting go….initially stress… if I don’t have all my ducks in a row everything is going to fall apart….I also experienced allot of fear….” what if I lose my job, what if we can’t pay our bills, what if my children are total fuck ups, what if etc……( long list) ….over time of practicing letting it go I am finding it is producing the kind of life I have always wanted…..stress….less……I have no idea what tomorrow holds and I have no plans beyond this day ( for the most part) …… when situation arise and I feel pressure or stress I let go of trying to solve or create a certain outcome…..afterwords I have to resist the temptation of trying to plan to avoid that situation in the future….the other cool thing is being flexible…..I am coming to realize that what my Father is showing me is not absolutely true……there are times when He will give me a plan to execute…..however, unless prompted by God I waste little time thinking about life and I just live…..Shalom

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