Question to Ponder : Judgement….Words….Intentions….

Neat moment……all of you reading this I think at one time or another I have said something or wrote something that was hurtful or offensive to you… I was talking to a man and I shared with him my excitement of celebrating 14 years of marriage to my wife…..and when I shared this with him he asked me a question…..he said ” How old is your daughter ( he knows my oldest daughter Savannah) ” I said, she is 16 years old……and he said ” so you had her outside of wedlock….well, you know what the bible says, your sin will find you out….”  and with that statement the conversation stopped, there was a awkward silence, then the man walked away…..and I sat there somewhat deflated….

No idea what intentions or reasons that man had to to make that statement……could of been a million things and it could of been nothing… initial re-action was judgement….of the man…..from my perspective……and then God was like….          ” how frequently have you been judged by man….”  I had to say it happens frequently…… God then asked…” do you feel that you have ever been mis-judged or judged harshly, inaccurately,with a bias….etc…..” same response…frequently….” what did these judgement, the ones that are now fresh in your mind, do to you ? How did they effect you? How do you think your judgement have effected others? How often have you spoken with good intent and it been taken as a heavy judgement? “
I think I will be meditating on this for awhile……I am thankful that God brought that man to me today to cause me to pause and consider these things…..have a great day my beloved……your servant…..
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