The Church

Good morning friends……for the longest time God has had it on my heart the formation of a church……and I have felt that I was being called to be apart of it…….I have given God many reason why this isn’t so……my qualifications, the ineptitude of organized religion, the human condition, and the list goes on and on…….last night God gave me a glimpse of the possibility of a body of believers with brotherly love for one another……I have these moments with God……I call them flash forwards……you could just as easily call them a day dream……I had one when I felt as though God was pushing me to start a church…..during this day dream I was standing before a crowd of people…..they were hostile towards me and the message of the Good News…….and one of the people in the crowd yelled….” Who do you think you are, Moses ? ”  and in this dream I feel a power surge through my body and I respond in authority…..” the moses you have created into a idol was not moses…..” when I came out of this daydream state I said to God…” what does that mean….”  God was like….” Moses and the characters you read about in the bible where men & women no different than the men and women whom dwell the earth now….moses didn’t do a thing… was ” I AM” whom moved in and through moses however it was also “I AM” who moved in Pharoh, Judas, Christ, Abraham, and in Tyson, Jason, Richard, Tom, Tracy…..etc…….if I choose you to start a church it will have nothing to do with you…..just like Moses didn’t set the Israel slaves free from Egypt…..” and with that I was able to take my hands off the wheel of this work God is doing……Unity in Diversity….I actually forgot about what I am sharing with you until this morning, when God was giving me eyes to see the good work he is bringing forth…..I am feeling even more freedom in it…..I don’t not feel compelled to make it happen….although I am available and willing when prompted….but possibly God is prompting someone reading this that I will come along side…..or possibly someone reading this will be compelled to come along side me….not sure and I am at peace with the uncertiany because I am at peace with the one whom is bring this forth…..servant to all, slave to one… at peace…..

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