Joy & Peace in the Unknown

I feel lead to share what I experienced last night……I have been seeking God over a particular issue in my life forever it seems like….I have been seeking understanding and knowledge of it….last night as I asked for this knowledge once again…..God asked me why I was seeking this knowledge and what I thought this knowledge would do……I answered that the knowledge would give me a better understanding of the issue and that I could use that understanding to resolve or change the issue….God’s response was beyond words, what I mean is God gifted me a experience that I will attempt to share with words…..the experience was knowing the issue is resolved and that the only knowledge I need is the knowledge of who I AM……the knowledge that I AM one with God and that I can not fail…..I do not need details…..I do not need answers or understanding……I can just rest in not knowing and not operating from the knowledge of good and evil……be at peace beloved…..your servant….Shalom…..

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